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4 Reasons Why Life is Worth Living

Or, 4 Reasons Why I Am Not Doing My Homework or Cleaning My House Like I Really Ought to Be Right Now

1. I recently discovered Pinterest.

Proceed at your own risk. No, seriously, if you have important, time-sensitive things to accomplish, don’t sign up.

2. Tomorrow is Olivia’s birthday. Which means….CAKE.

More specifically, chocolate peanut-butter ganache cake. Happy Birthday to me! Erm, I mean, Olivia. (You know I love you, Oli. As much as I love cake. Or nearly.)

3. I found deep plum velvet fabric to slipcover my Autumn-sized Goodwill chair–for six dollars.

Ok, first of all, when I sit in this chair, my feet touch the ground. Plus, it’s comfy. Plus, it was ten dollars. And then I found the perfect fabric for six dollars. WHAT!?

4. The Walking Dead is back. Encore presentation, anyone?

I have added the following to my zombie preparedness plan under Weaponry:
NOTE–Screwdriver surprisingly effective method for zombie-slaying.

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