3 Reasons Why I Love My Bike

Or, 3 Reasons Why I Don’t Miss My iPad One Little Bit

1. My bike is comfy.

The Electra Townie is designed so that you can sit upright rather than having to lean forward. No more back aches. Plus it has a nice wide seat, an ergonomic handlebar, and a very smooth ride thanks to top-notch materials and construction.

Who needs Angry Birds Space on a bigger screen anyway? ::stifled whimper::

I’ve ridden miles and miles without any discomfort (well, any serious discomfort—there’s no bike in the world that can manage to give its a rider a completely pain-free posterior, alas). In short, the Townie is worth the extra money, even if it means selling your beloved iPad. Which I did. Willingly. No regrets. At all.

2. My bike is cute.

I just need streamers and beads on my spokes and I’ll be all set.

Just look at that dreamy color! It’s like the bike version of a Creamsicle. Plus my wicker basket is très chic, and I have a little bell that goes ring-a-ling-ding. [Translation: Get out of my way, you stupid pedestrian, how dare you amble along in the exact middle of the path looking at your phone and listening to music with giant headphones on!? I will run your ass down fool!]

3. My bike gets me out in the sunshine.

We booknerds have a tendency to retreat into the dark recesses of our homes and develop nocturnal habits. I used to go weeks at a time without getting a good dose of the outdoors. This isn’t helped by the fact that I’m a prissy fussbudget. During any sort of outside activity, I get this creeping feeling of misery, starting with the onset of sunburn and dehydration during which my blood sugar drops and my head begins to ache and my mouth gets all parched. Next I get bitten by insects and my clothes start sticking to me and a film of dusty grit adheres to my sweaty skin and my hair gets plastered on my neck and my face feels like it’s on fire and my sunglasses keep sliding down my nose. By that point I’ve entered the sneaky hate spiral and the day is a wash. But a bike ride, by contrast, is a pleasantly cool adventure. I adore cruising around town like a boss, feeling a balmy breeze on my face as I take in the scenery and chart new routes on the fly. The husband and I have discovered all sorts of cool places this month that we had no idea existed, and last week I saw a muskrat. IN THE FLESH, people.

Wook at his widdle self. Just swimmin’ along, all like, doo-de-doo-de-doo, here I go being a muskrat.

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4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I Love My Bike

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