5 Reasons Why I Am Apathetic About Politics

Or, 5 Reasons Why My Eyes Glaze Over Whenever Anyone Brings Up the President or Congress or That New Piece of Legislation or the Fact That This Country is Going To Hell in a Handbasket Because of Those $%#^ So-and-Sos

1. I have very little faith in the government.

In my view, the majority of politicians are involved in politics for their own personal gain. They do it for money, influence, vanity, etc. Even the ones who think they are genuinely committed to public service are probably fooling themselves.

2. Seriously, I have, like, zero faith in the government.

It’s difficult to believe that the interests of the public will ever matter as much to our government as the interests of giant companies and other powerful organizations. As President Rutherford Hayes put it more than one hundred years ago, “This is a government of the people, by the people and for the people no longer. It is a government by the corporations, of the corporations, and for the corporations.”

3. I am easily overwhelmed.

If you wish to be certain you’re voting for the person who is most aligned with your personal convictions (and all responsible people should wish to be certain), you ought to do a lot of research. What are your convictions anyway? And what are your candidate’s positions on these issues? Do you even know enough about those issues (and there are SO many–education, economy, foreign policy, healthcare, etc.) to have good judgment when evaluating your candidate? If you don’t know enough, how do you wade through the dreary morass of material on such subjects? Is it even possible to find objective information concerning these topics? How do you prevent your brain from being buried under the avalanche of news coverage concerning not only politicians but complicated and hotly debated pieces of legislation? And so forth. Sends me into a tailspin every time. Much better not to even think about it.

4. I hate email forwards.

Ugh. My explanation for this got so long that I just had to quit and make a whole different list about it (see 3 Reasons Why I Hate Email Forwards). Anyway, in short, the lack of critical thinking which typifies most political debate (see Item 5) is directly responsible for the politically-themed and thoroughly offensive email forwards polluting my inbox on a daily basis. Major turn-off.

5. Many people who care about politics are obnoxious.

Although I may be uninformed, I do at least attempt to maintain rationality, fairness, and civility in political conversations. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with people who actually enjoy politics. In fact, the persons most eager to cram their own opinions down the public’s throat (opinions which, I might add, are often formed without regard for logic or factual basis) seem least tolerant of the opinions of others, and are quick to insinuate the mental and moral unsoundness of anyone with differing views. Attempts at productive discussion are generally hopeless. What’s the point?



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