3 Reasons Why I Am Not a Cat Lady

Or, 3 Reasons Why Having 4 Cats Does Not Make Me What I Know You’re Thinking I Am When I Tell You I Have 4 Cats

1. I have a husband.

Cat ladies are always, ALWAYS single. Having a husband may be a technicality but it still counts.

2. I feel compassion for animals in general, not just cats.

If there were a pack of stray dogs (or rabbits or sloths or badgers) instead of feral cats living outside my house, I’d still put out food and lay heating pads on my porch chairs when it’s cold and keep track of which ones were pregnant and eventually hunt for their babies and take them to the Humane Society and lie awake at night wishing I could get them all fixed and vaccinated so they wouldn’t spend their diseased, hungry lives spawning more diseased, hungry, unwanted offspring. It’s not just cats, ok?

3.  I am not a hoarder.

In fact, I am generally known for ruthless purging of our belongings. So accumulating dozens of cats is not my idea of a good time. Do you know how much poop 4 cats generate? And there is hair EVERYWHERE. But I swallow the panicky stress moans clawing up my throat whenever I find litter tracks and fur wads on my floors and instead try to focus on how providing a safe, happy home for rescued animals is more rewarding than maintaining hospital-style sanitation levels.


4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I Am Not a Cat Lady

  1. I also love lists. I love this post. By your logic, I can take comfort in the fact that I, too, am not a cat lady!

  2. You are incredible lady not cat lady! its so great to read about how compassionate you are to all animals its fantastic to read your post
    P.S. post some pics of your cats and if they are not well maintained then you might be the cat lady after all.. hehe


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